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        The Old Dominion Terrier is an American breed that has been in development by hunters and farmers since
 the late 1800s.  When English immigrants came to the United States, they brought these terrier  crosses with
them. They trace back to the original cross of Fox Terrier, Pit Bull, Whippets, Beagles, and most recently the
      These versatile farm dogs were crossed with various other breeds to create the ultimate farm dog.and what was
to become the Old Dominion Terrier.   Although this breed was created for hunting, this is a happy breed that loves
its people and would be well suited as a companion and family dog for people with an active lifestyle.  Even  though
they give the appearance of a large rat terrier, they could not be more different. 
      They are capable of hunting wild boar, coyote, being used as hog dogs, livestock guardians as well as vermin

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